Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brock in Argentina

so last week we went proselyting in buenos aires and they expected us to know the language and teach it... haha. here in argentina they kiss on the cheek as a greeting and as elder olson and i were teaching this lady she said she had to go and took a pamphlet and grabbed elder olson and kissed him on the cheek!!!hahahaha she quickly realized we arent allowed to do that when elder olson pulled away super fast.. haha. he was so red and he couldn't stop laughing. he felt bad. his face turned as red as a cherry popsicle!

one cool thing about that was we went to this apartment complex and it had all these buttons to call up to the rooms. there were 12 buttons and we pushed like 9.... we were about to leave and then i said... we should push one more. we pushed #11 and this lady came down to talk to us. we talked to her in english and she said that she feels lost in the world and she is looking for comfort and somthing to lead her. ( PERFECT!) HAHA. so we set up a lesson for saturday and she will be expecting a spanish lesson. i feel bad that i wont be here to teach her. that would be cool to get a baptism in the mtc. the elders here will teach her well though. it has been a great time here in the mtc in argentina

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